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 Ground Beef, Apple and Cinnamon Filled Pastry

Using the EasyCook multi-cooker
For the dough:
  • ½ kg White flour
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Dry yeast
  • ¼ tsp Baking improver
  • Lukewarm water, as needed to create fluffy, non-sticky dough
  • Let it rise for about an hour in a slightly oiled and covered bowl.
  • In the meantime, make the filling:
  • ½ kg Ground beef
  • 3 tbsp Fried onion flakes
  • Fry on the “FRY” setting with a tbsp of oil, salt, pepper, turmeric and paprika.
  • Stir well and chill.
  • Add 1 julienned Granny-smith apple, and pour ½ tsp of lemon juice over it,
  • Mix in: A handful of raisins, a handful of white almond slices, a flat tsp of cinnamon, a tsp of date honey, a handful of chopped herbs (parsley, cilantro and a few mint leaves).
  • Mix everything well.
  • When the dough has risen, flatten it out to a large rectangle on a floured surface.
  • Smear a bit of oil over it.
  • In a small bowl, add 2 tbsp brown sugar, a bit of cocoa powder and a tsp of cinnamon, and mix.
  • Spread the mixture over the dough and roll it up into a tube.
  • Slice the roll to about 30 slices, and arrange half of the amount on the bottom and sides of an EasyCook pot that’s been lined with parchment paper, with little spacing. The other half should rest in the fridge, covered, and will be used to cover the meat on top
  • Let the dough rise in the pot, covered, and on a “PRO” setting of 35*c for 25min.
  • Once the dough has risen and connected with no spacing, pour the meat mixture in and flatten.
  • Leave the top edges of the sides uncovered and connect them with the top layer of the dough.
  • Close all the edges, let it rise a bit and bake until golden brown.
  • 3 Stage Setting (can be set in advance):
  • Stage 1 - Baked in the EasyCook on 120*c for 40min.
  • Stage 2 - 130*c for 15min.
  • Stage 3 - Flip and bake on 140*c for 15min until golden brown.
  • Slice into triangles and serve.
Bon Appetit!
By the way, the multi-cooker has a heat preservation function that starts automatically after the cooking process is over. To finish, press and hold the "Cancel" button.

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